Terms and Conditions


We, I, and Our refers to Anon Design. You, Your and the Customer refers to the person whose name appears first on the order form or the name/names on any cheque sent with an order or the name on the credit card used.


A contract shall be made when the Customer accepts in writing within the stated validity period a quotation or other form of offer issued by Anon Design. Telephone orders shall be deemed accepted only when Anon Design issues a written acceptance.

Anon Design reserves the right to subcontract its obligations under the Contract. The Customer shall be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the order and for giving Anon Design any necessary information within a sufficient time to enable Anon Design to perform the contract in accordance with its terms.


The Price shall be that contained in Anon Design’s quotation or agreed in writing between Anon Design and the Customer.


Delivery dates quoted represent Anon Design’s best estimate only and are given in good faith, time not being of the essence. Orders will remain valid and binding notwithstanding delay in delivery. Anon Design will not be liable for any delay in delivery, failure to deliver, consequential or other loss due to any cause beyond Anon Design’s reasonable control. Delivery will be effected to the place specified in the order and may be delayed if the Customer fails to provide sufficient information to make the delivery possible.

Order times will vary. Most orders are completed within 4 – 8 weeks. If a quicker turnaround is required the Customer must contact Anon Design before ordering – Anon Design may be able to complete an order within 7-14 days if necessary. Order times stated by Anon Design refer to printing completion times and not to delivery times.


Unless otherwise agreed accounts are due for payment not later than 30 days following the date of the invoice.


Carriage will be by transport of Anon Design’s choice. If the Customer requests special delivery arrangements they will be charged for.


Colours and/or materials may differ slightly, the quality of the images online is not comparable with the true products. We advise Customers to request a sample before ordering stationery. Samples sent may be rejected cards and do not reflect on the quality of our stationery. Card dimensions given are approximate and there may be some variation between batches of cards.

Because of the printing method, cards produced at a later date may not match exactly. This applies with all batch printing and is not a compromise of quality for which Anon Design can be held responsible.

For personalised orders Anon Design will produce proof copies of all inserts required. These can be posted to the Customer. Alternatively Anon Design can e-mail proofs (quality may be lost via these methods but the layout and spellings can still be approved).

The checking of the proofs, samples and order form is the sole responsibility of the Customer. Anon Design requires written confirmation either by letter or e-mail that the proof, sample or order form is correct or that amendments are required. Anon Design will not commence printing until the Customer confirms approval. Please note that e-mail confirmations will be dated and filed.


Any amendments that the Customer requires after work has commenced will result in an additional charge at Anon Design’s discretion.

Any errors on the part of Anon Design will be rectified at Anon Design’s cost. Anon Design may require that any printed work in question be returned together with a written record of any faults. Postage will be reimbursed to the Customer only where the fault lies with Anon Design. Stationery may be replaced or rectified at Anon Design’s discretion.

Anon Design’s stationery (whether personalised or non personalised) is printed and assembled to order therefore we are unable to provide refunds for unwanted stationery nor can we accept cancellations once printing has commenced. There will be a charge if a personalised stationery order is cancelled before printing but after proofs have been compiled. This charge is variable depending upon the complexity of the order and time spent but will not be less than £25.00. We strongly advise you to request a sample of your preferred design prior to ordering to avoid possible disappointment.


Anon Design is confident you will be happy with its products, however in the event that you are not, please ensure Anon Design receives any complaint you may have within seven days of receipt of goods. Please note Anon Design can only exchange faulty goods after they have been received in full.

Anon Design recommends that the Customer checks the condition of the consignment before signing to confirm that the goods were received in good order. If such confirmation has been signed, Anon Design will not be held responsible for any problems with the goods. Missing goods must also be reported to Anon Design within seven days.


All designs and products are copyright © Anon Design and any unauthorised use or reproduction is strictly forbidden and may result in legal action. Anon Design reserves the right to amend, add or delete any detail, information, price and condition as shown online without prior notice.

Although rare it is possible that we may substitute materials when producing our stationery for similar without prior notice.